Beach Wedding Attire For the Bride & Groom

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Wedding day is perhaps the most special day in a woman’s life. With destination weddings becoming the in thing these days, many women look forward to just taking off to an exotic location on their wedding day and taking their vows there. Of course, a woman wants her friends and family to be beside her, when she does this. Beach weddings, made popular with films such as 27 dresses, are an option which is equally liked by the groom, bride and their guests. After all, who does not like the idea of taking their marital vows in sand and surf, with the evening sun setting at the background? Beach weddings, however, often throw a challenge to the brides and the bridesmaid viz a viz their dressing for the D day is concerned, as a beach wedding, unlike a church wedding is very casual, and hence demands a simple casual dressing. At the same time, a woman can not even think of dressing down on her wedding day. So, how should beach weddings dresses be designed so that they do justice to both the location and the desire of the bride to be dressed in the best attire? Let us find it out by looking at some of the ways to make beach weddings dresses suitable for the occasion.

Beach Wedding Dresses for the Bride

While choosing beach wedding dresses, a woman should keep in mind the fact that it can be sometimes quite windy at the seaside, so the dress should be selected accordingly and, it is preferable if the woman does not wear the veil either. She can opt for hair accessories such as exotic flowers or golden colored barrettes studded with stones to decorate her hair. Beach weddings dresses for the bride can be both traditional, i.e white and full length, or they can also be non conventional such as frocks. If opting for non conventional dresses, a bride can wear dresses of different colors such as pink and light brown. A very suitable and elegant beach wedding dress is a white colored, knee length, well fitted at the waist, shoulder less frock, with very few layers at the bottom. If a bride is in an experimental mood, she can opt to wear a colored printed shirt with a white sarong to her wedding. In fact, sarongs make for excellent beach weddings – bridesmaids dresses as well. To add glamor to the sarongs, the bride or the bridesmaid can team it up with a headband made from exotic flowers and a hand held bouquet.

Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom

Just like for the bride, beach wedding attire for the groom, should not be very traditional. A tuxedo, jacket or a tie is a complete no. Instead, the groom should opt for a white linen shirt with white linen drawstring pants. To spice up the outfit, the groom can opt for a printed shirt or a cuban guayabera and team it up with casual shorts. The groom can accessorize his outfits with bracelets and chains made with threads.

Beach weddings dresses cost much less as compared to the traditional wedding gowns and dresses worn at church. In spite of that, they can be equally eye catching and attention grabbing, if proper attention is paid to the accessories and the body structure of the woman while opting for them. Keeping it simple, causal yet trendy, is the key to make beach weddings dresses exceptional.