Accessory Tips For A Beach Wedding

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Are you having a beach wedding? If so, then you will have to start planning for your beach wedding accessories. Beach weddings are different from traditional weddings at a hotel or in a garden. They don’t require more planning, but your chosen accessories will be different. Here are a few differences and what you should think about when putting together your wedding day outfit for the beach.

Wedding Dress:

The beach is a bit messy. There is sand all over the place. Also, it is a much more casual and relaxed setting. Therefore, for your dress, don’t choose something too formal. Princess cut dresses with lots of lace and beading can be to over the top for a beach. A nice empire waist dress or a long flowy sheath will work perfectly. Look for something that is a bit more casual than something you would wear to the Four Seasons.

Hair & Accessories:

For your hair, consider doing something that is more relaxed. An updo can still work, but try not to put too many accessories in the hair. A tiara is definitely a little bit over the top. Instead, consider a nice silver or gold clip. Or, the better option is to add some flowers to the hair. There are many gorgeous flowers that you can add. You can add orchids, daisies, or whatever small flower fits in the hair. Plus, flowers match a lot better with the beach, and if they fall off they will not ruin the beach.

Wedding Shoes:

For your wedding shoes, consider a pair of wedding flip flops instead of the traditional shoe. Flip-flops work best on the beach. They will allow you to walk across the sand without getting sand in your shoe. If you have ever tried walking on the beach in regular shoes, you know how uncomfortable it gets after the sand builds up inside. Therefore, consider a pair of fancy wedding flip flops. There are many more that have designs, beating, rhinestones, or any number of wedding related décor on them.


If you are thinking about wedding jewelry, consider pieces that are not as traditional. Stay away from pearls as they look too formal for the beach. Consider strands of silver or little silver rhinestones. Again, you have to match your wedding dress. If you have chosen a more casual dress, you definitely don’t want to choose jewelry that does not match your look.


Although flowers are not necessarily an accessory, they do act as a focal point for your entire outfit. Therefore, you want to choose flowers that match well with the beach and your chosen location. If you are having a wedding in Hawaii, there are a lot of Hawaiian flowers that work very well. If you are having your wedding on the coast, consider smaller gain to your flowers that match the sand.

A beach wedding is already very pretty because of the fantastic background. You have the sand, the waves of the ocean, and the natural sunlight. Enhance the look by complementing the background instead of clashing with the background. By choosing beach wedding accessories that match the setting, you will look fabulous, feel beautiful, and be much more relaxed and happier with what you are wearing.