A Guide to Beach Wedding Attire for The Bride, Groom & Guests

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So, you have already zeroed down the best ocean view to tie the knot with the love of your life? Let me congratulate you first, for opting for a casual wedding with less number of formal talks and guests. It is a fun time that you are going to enjoy with your soon-to-be life partner at the most romantic destination of your choice. What more do you want? But wait, have you selected the dress that you want to wear on the best day of your life? You haven’t. Am I right? Well, selecting beach wedding dresses can be tricky. As a rule of thumb, beach wedding dresses are mostly informal, and hence you have a golden opportunity to get rid of the formal dresses, once and for all! However, since it is ‘the day’, you can’t wear something ordinary as well. Confused? Let me help you!

Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding for Bride

Since most of the beach weddings are way too informal than church weddings, the rules for informal wedding dresses are not strict. But to make the ‘sand walk’ convenient, you should avoid heavy trails, long veils and satin pumps. Rather opt for unconventional bridal gowns like the knee-length or colorful bridal gowns. You can also wear white stunning shirt with a colorful sarong. You can also select the in-vogue sundresses for beach weddings. Opt for floral prints and bold color shifts for a beach wedding. You also need to consider the wedding color theme while selecting the colors of the bridal gowns. Colors like – chic white, cream, beige, lavender, blue, peach, yellow, purple, plum, light shades of orange, pink, yellow, brown, etc. are picture perfect for beach wedding dresses. You also need to opt for less showy bridal jewelry like a string of pearls and dewdrop earrings.

Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding for Groom

This segment of the article is going to bless the guys who hate the black tie affairs and have the pre-wedding blues, just because they need to carry that heavy tuxedo for all eternity (just for the day in fact). Well, since you need to select an informal wedding dress, opt for casual shirts and drawstring pants. Avoid a tuxedo and if you want to have it, make sure you never wear it! You must opt for colors that compliment the colors of the bride’s casual wedding attire. You can also opt for the same aforementioned color hues. Just make sure that you look as trendy and casual as ever. Try Hawaiian flower printed shirts or Cuban guayabera with color contrasting (white) knee length shorts. Make sure your shirt matches the sarong that the bride is wearing. Avoid wearing a tie and also leave the top buttons of the shirt open. If you want to wear a tie, then wear it very casually/loosely.

Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding for the Wedding Party

Dubious about which are the dresses to apparel to a beach wedding for the bridesmaid and groomsmen? Well, your beach wedding attire should compliment the bride’s and groom’s dresses and the wedding theme. Bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding include gowns, pleated frocks or frilled skirts along with casual tops. In fact, sarong and white top is the ultimate combination for bridesmaids. If you are searching for tropical wedding dresses, then you can accessorize them further more with a floral garland and headband. As far as the groomsmen attire is concerned, they can wear casual shirts with loose pants. Khakis also look great with white linen shirts. Head rule of the bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s dresses, is that they should not overwhelm the main attractions of the wedding (bride and the groom, of course!)! Also consider the season as well as the weather of the beach at the time of the wedding. Especially, guys who are wearing hats and girls who are wearing skirts with light fabrics.

Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding for Guests

If you are a guest to a beach wedding, then make sure you know the guidelines about the beach wedding dresses for guests, that might be mentioned on the invitation card and act accordingly. You can opt for bright shades of red, blue, purples and coral colors; when selecting shirts, ties and women’s dresses to wear to a beach wedding as a guest. Women can also opt for t-length sundresses and patterned short sundresses. Search for flower printed, fabrics, if it is a tropical and casual wedding. Children’s beach wedding attire should be just the same as the adult attire for beach weddings. You can find great deals at various bridal shops, if you are searching for cheap dresses to wear to a wedding for guests. As a general guest’s attire rule, jeans and risque clothes are not allowed, while women guests should avoid wearing whites and off whites. If you are still confused, then you can simply ask the wedding couple or their parents and get an idea about the wedding color theme.

While selecting the dresses to wear to a wedding at beach the ideal choice of fabrics are made from the semi-transparent fabrics, netted fabric, soft cotton, silk, duchesse satin, chiffon, linen, georgette, crepe, damask, charmeuse, etc. Make sure the dresses fit well for girls and are totally carefree for guys. Well, this was all that I had to tell you about the cute dresses to wear to a beach wedding. All the best!