9 Tips For A Great Low Cost Beach Wedding

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Who says that all beach weddings require big amount, consuming almost half of your entire savings? Mind you, beach weddings can be cost effective depending on how you do your planning and preparation. So we all know that beach weddings are widely recognized by couples because they are beautiful and romantic, and the scenery is breathtaking, adding to the pleasant tone of a wedding celebration.

A beach wedding also referred to as a destination wedding is suitable for the newly wed. The venue is a perfect setting for the wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Thus, beach weddings incorporate 3 wedding related events. Most couple may have had the perception of certain high maintenance in terms of budgeting. But then again, not all beach weddings can be as expensive as the other. Let us find out on how we can set up a beach wedding while having a limited budget on hand.

1. Choose a particular beach that isn’t too far from your location. It saves you time and money due to long-time travel. Perhaps you know somewhere with a large lake offering a beachfront property.

2. After selecting a beach, the next decision is when to hold the wedding. Specify the date, along with the time. Spend some time realizing the approximate time when the sun goes up and sets down.

3. Choose a nearby hotel, the one that is on the beachfront. Secure your reservation on the chosen wedding date and time. Never put the reservation next to your priorities. Some hotels might not be able to accommodate you if you fail to confirm a reservation at least few months before the wedding day. Your reservation shall definitely depend on when the celebration takes place. If you have a morning wedding, eventually you will have to select a hotel that provides a wonderful morning buffet. The set up will cost low, thus you can save money.

4. Secure your marriage license. Keep in mind that the criterion for marriage license may somehow depends on what state you belong.

5. Formulate the invitation list. You must clearly determine the figure of wedding attendees. Do not forget to set aside number of rooms wherein your family and friends take charge on the payment.

6. You can save huge amount of money if you opt to purchase an empty wedding invitation. You can buy this kind of invitation on any near super store. Beautify your wedding invitation by incorporating your scripture or own personal love poem.

7. Wedding invitations must be sent if majority of the wedding guests travels through land. In the event that some of your wedding guests need to take a flight before getting into your wedding, send the invitation at least 4-6 months.

8. Decorations used for the reception tables need not to be extravagant. Buy simple adornments. Since beaches are expected to be windy, I suggest that you purchase hurricane lamps with colored candles within it.

9. Ask your friends to bring their cameras, just in case they have one. Weddings are perfect event to capture. With this approach, you are sure to save money on your wedding pictures.

Follow the tips above and you’ll realize that a beach wedding doesn’t really have to be costly. Experience a different wedding venue. Once the celebration is over and the guests finally flee, you two can proceed on your honeymoon in that same venue.