7 Flower Options For Your Summer Wedding

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Flowers are one of the most essential elements of wedding decorations. They have a unique ability to refresh one’s mind and add to the beauty of the decor.

Weddings are held year-round. However, the most important concern is the money one spends on materialistic things. Most people want a lavish wedding with exquisite decorations but are also wary about the expenses. Different wedding planners can be referred to for better ideas. One can plan out his wedding during the summer and enjoy a lavish wedding decoration with minimum expenses. Summer weddings are generally held outdoors on lawns or beaches. Hence, it is also recommended to include bouquets and centerpieces, which consist of beautiful and colorful flower petals, making them look more vibrant.

Some of the gorgeous summer wedding flowers that one could opt for are:


These flowers are found worldwide in various colors like white, pink and purple. These are tropical flowers and hence very cheap. Though they are delicate, they are truly very exquisite in their looks. Their exotic colors can add beauty to your hair, corsages and boutonnieres.


They are all-purpose flowers and depict hope, purity, and innocence. They bloom in the months from May to July. They can be used in the wedding arch, centerpieces, mini-bouquets, etc. They are available in different colors such as yellow, pink and orange, but generally have white petals with a yellow center.


These elegant funnel-shaped flowers are available in a wide range of colors like red, white, pink, lavender, peach, yellow, orange and many more. Recently, these flowers have become very popular in wedding bouquets. They are also used in the centerpiece or can also be used by the bridesmaid to decorate the basket that she carries.


These flowers are a symbol of warmth and grace. They look stunningly beautiful because of their hearty blooms. These flowers carry a great decorating potential, thus forming a beautiful flower arrangement.


These exotic flowers are one of a kind. They bloom in a mop shape and have almost 12 different styles of blooming. Having them arranged in the decorations can give a different eye-catching look. These flowers are easily available in the hot summers.


These flowers are bright blue, and steal the show. They provide an exquisite look when they are added to wedding decorations. They are five-petaled flowers that mostly bloom in spring.


This is the most commonly featured flower during weddings and symbolizes love. Although available all year round, these flowers gain special importance on wedding days. Hybrid two-toned roses can give a stupefying look to the wedding decoration.

Plan your wedding in the summer and save money with these summer wedding flowers. Its clever and innovative use will definitely leave your guests’ jaws dropping, and their eyes boggling!