7 Decor Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

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People getting married in August, September or October can take advantage of the beautiful color changes during the season and enjoy a romantic and cozy wedding. Fall is a season full of vibrant colors, and using the season’s natural beauty is wise. One can incorporate interesting and unusual fall decorations to make the wedding memorable. Let’s have a look at some fall wedding decorating ideas.

Wedding Decorations For Fall Weddings

Fall decorations for weddings are not just limited to the décor of the wedding reception site but also pertain to various aspects of the wedding.

Fall Wedding Location

Any location which showcases the seasonal foliage of fall is suitable for a fall wedding. Outdoor locations such as vineyards, etc., are excellent fall wedding locations. However, due to unpredictable weather during fall, indoor locations are preferred. One can spice up the wedding or reception hall using different fall decoration ideas.

Fall Wedding Theme

For fall weddings, natural themes like fall leaves, flowers, vineyards, pears, pumpkins, and apples go very well with the season. However, if you plan to go with a color theme, fall wedding colors like burgundy, brown, leaf green, chocolate brown, deep red, shades of orange, royal purple, etc., are suitable for fall weddings.

Fall Wedding Invitations

There are several wedding invitations with lovely leaves printed on them. Look at your card designer’s collections of such different wedding invitations and choose one that suits your liking.

Fall Wedding Pew Decorations

Several pretty flowers blossom in fall. Place fall wedding flowers on the first chair of each of the pews. Add a tulle bow if you want to accentuate the aisle look. If you wish, you can even opt for aisle runners as fall decorations for weddings. Ribbons and bows also look fantastic; however, for fall weddings, it’s best to have the flowers stand out. You can also scatter leaves of different colors on the aisle to bring out the fall wedding theme.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Votive candles make great centerpieces for fall weddings. Moreover, scattering some autumn leaves will also give a good look. Due to the danger of the leaves blowing over to the flame and catching fire, it is essential to get electric votive candles. Placing pumpkin-scented pillar candles on each table also makes great centerpieces. Fall wedding centerpieces with pumpkins, such as jack-o-lanterns lit up with candles, make lovely centerpieces.

Fall Wedding Cake

For a fall wedding cake, it’s a good idea to add fall flowers and leaves to the cake, which fit the cake into one’s wedding theme. Leaves made of gum paste look real and give a natural look. Or else one can also use fresh flowers to adorn the cake. Pine cones also symbolize fall; thus, one can add them to the cake. Fall decorated wedding cakes are sure to gain people’s attention.

Fall Wedding Favors

Seed cards are surging in popularity as wedding favors these days. These eco-friendly cards are to be placed in the soil outdoors or a pot indoors. On watering the card, you will find a plant sprout right out of the card. It’s a beautiful way to give back to the Earth on your wedding day! Moreover, it’s a favor that all will enjoy!

Fall wedding decorations are available in all kinds of budgets; thus, you don’t need to be anxious about the theme burning a hole in your pocket. With attractive fall wedding decorations, one can have a wedding that guests will remember for a long time after the wedding.