6 Great Fall Wedding Flowers For Your Special Occasion

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You are probably one of those brides whose marriage ceremony is in the fall season. But are you fretting over minor details like the wedding flowers? Though a challenging selection, fall wedding flowers can enthrall with their vividness and vivacity.

Types of Fall Wedding Flowers

If you despise the array of artificial flowers that seem to be the staple flower arrangement at most wedding parties, you need to know which fall flowers can be a part of your bridal entourage on your special day.


Popularly known as Helen’s flower, the flower’s color ranges from yellow to orange and is from the same earthy palette of colors that dominates the autumn season. These bridal flowers contrast spectacularly with the white bridal outfit.


It’s the Greek word for rainbow. Iris is available in a wide variety of colors, from pale yellow to white, purple, and cobalt blue.


The blue-colored October Skies, a type of Aster, is fairly popular with fall brides. Available as a cluster, they could be combined with other flowers or even Asters in pink, purple or lilac.


A pure white flower with a unique shape, that symbolizes foresight and good wishes, it can be the perfect bouquet for a bride who does not want any other color to shadow her bridal ensemble.


Vivid red and pink characterize these flowers, symbolizing good luck and happiness in marriage. That may be why the Belladonna Lily or Naked Lady (as they are colloquially known) are wedding darlings.

Bird of Paradise:

South African natives, the birds of paradise or crane flowers bloom in the autumn months. They closely resemble a brightly-colored bird in flight and can add color to your celebrations.

If none of these flowers seem to mesmerize you, you have other fall flowers, like the Statice, Star of Bethlehem, Gardenia, Dahlia, Freesia, Cotoneaster, Daphne, and the Winter Jasmine. If you are looking for a more traditional variety, you could opt for one of the all year flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, or daisies.

Choose Your Fleur

Knowledgeable about the fall flowers that are available for your perusal but confused because of the sheer number? While choosing a wedding flower is personal, several parameters can be kept in mind.

A bride could choose her flower according to the flower’s characteristics. Asters symbolize patience and love, baby’s breath embodies a pure heart, birds of paradise stand for joyfulness, and carnations signify purity and deep love. Every flower epitomizes a certain value, and the choice is yours. Flowers can also be chosen according to your birth month. If you are a January baby, then the flower for you would be carnations and snowdrops, and if you are a July born, then water lily would be the way to go. Your florist could guide you about your birth flower.

It is easy to choose flowers for theme weddings. Delphiniums are perfect for an old-fashioned wedding. If the theme of your wedding is water, you could go for blue-colored flowers like October skies and if it’s tropical, then birds of paradise would be the perfect accompaniment.

Floral arrangement

Fall wedding flower arrangements can be a nightmare if not contrasted perfectly with the autumn setting. The flowers have to complement the season and the wedding and not over-emphasize it. For your wedding arrangements, you could combine two differently textured flowers, for example, you could combine a cluster of baby’s breath with the birds of paradise or vividly-colored snapdragons with stephanotis.

The wedding flower arrangements could also be based on color combinations like auburn, burgundy, red, orange and yellow. You could also add non-floral accompaniments to your bouquet and table pieces. Some popular non-floral selections are eucalyptus, favored for its deep color and unique aroma, the weed ‘Crown of Rays’ Goldenrod, a native North American wildflower called ‘Fascination’, Russian sage, English Ivy and Green Hypericum. Read more on wedding flower arrangement ideas.

Fall wedding flowers definitely adds to the beauty of the day, when you would be at your resplendent best. The memories of the day will last a lifetime and the appropriate choice of fall flowers adds to these memories.