5 Tips On How to Be the Flower Power Bride On Your Fall Wedding

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Brides are always the center of attraction in the fall wedding. The best theme and decor cannot outshine the beauty of the bride. Enhance your beauty with the natural grace of fall flowers by following these tips.

Make Your Wedding Gown Special

It takes so much time and effort to give the nod to the perfect gown for the bride. In keeping with the romantic mood of the wedding, the bride can tuck in fall flowers like mums, lilies et al. The flowers in her gown would lend an angelic halo to her appearance. The veil and tiara can get gorgeous with a subtle mix and match of blue mist and solidago.

Let Your Hair Down

The bride can put white and purple orchids in her hair arrangement for a delicate and coy look. It would give her a special fall wedding look and turn many heads. Lily buds inserted in the hairpins can also be used for a chic look.

Be A Dream Princess

Remember the weddings of fairy tale characters like Cinderella and Rapunzel? Keep the yellow metal and rocks aside and opt for floral ornaments. Use colorful fresh fall flowers available for the wedding and get yourself a custom-made delicate necklace, earrings, bracelets, tiara and ring. It guarantees to keep the guests chattering with their beauty and grace.

Best Bouquet For The Bride

Weddings and bouquets go hand-in-hand. Ensure the bride holds the brightest bouquet in the venue. Check out florists for the best variety of fall flowers. The credibility of the florists is important in such an occasion. Don’t forget to ask for his work portfolio and discounts on bulk purchases.

Bridal Floral Shower

A floral shower is an important aspect. Try to use as much variety of natural and colorful fall flowers in the bridal flower shower as possible. The passage for the couple from the entrance to the altar should symbolize a smooth and beautiful path.

So be creative while donning the flower power bride look with various fall wedding flowers.