5 Tips On Basic Wedding Etiquette

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How important is it to be on time for a wedding?

It is very important to be on time, or a few minutes before the given time for the wedding. The first and the most important reason for that is you do not interrupt the ceremony and disturb the whole thing and you can settle down before the proceedings commence. The next is that being punctual creates a good impression. If you are close to either from the couple, you will definitely avoid some apprehension on their part if you be there on time! This is a cardinal rule in wedding guest etiquette.

Is it necessary to bring a gift?

Well, you need not bring wedding gift to the wedding. A gift can be given till around a year or so after the wedding, so don’t worry about that on the wedding day. If in case you get the gift, someone from the wedding party can be harrowed by the thought of taking it back home rather than concentrating on the wedding. So it is okay if you do not get a gift to the wedding.

Are you allowed to bring a date?

This is another crucial question if you want to know how to be a great wedding guest. The answer to this question is that you can, only if there is a particular mention of that person’s name or ‘ + guest’. If there is a mention of only your name, the wedding etiquette for guests says that you should not bring anyone along with you. Bringing a guest over uninvited might prove to be impolite or inconsiderate and will not be considered as correct wedding etiquette.

What is attire etiquette for guests?

As a sensible guest, you would be expected to have some sense about wedding attire etiquette for guests. Whatever happens, never wear white ladies, that is just for the bride. Avoid wearing black too, which can be in some cases too is considered to be disrespectful when it comes to wedding etiquette. Something colorful then, is ideal to be on the safer side. Moreover, you will also have to consider the destination where the wedding is held and then see the destination wedding etiquette for guests.

Why is it necessary to send a reply to the invitation as soon as possible?

RSVP to the wedding invitation is extremely important as proper wedding etiquette. This is because the logistics and other decisions will be taken based on the number of guests. In case you accept first and then have to cancel the wedding invitation, do that too immediately.

Oh and at the end, please don’t drink too much, it is not considered to be according to wedding etiquette for guests. Moreover, follow the instructions of the program officiant as in some ceremonies, there are aspects where attendees have to stand and sit alternately. Most importantly, have a good time!