5 Tips For Making Your Outdoor Wedding A Success

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Although fall is fast approaching, plenty of events and weddings are planned during these last days of summer. While beach, garden and outdoor weddings can be beautiful and romantic, they can also be problematic with the possibility of wind, heat and rain showing up uninvited. Here are some ways to plan ahead for these issues and make sure your outdoor wedding is a success.

Be Prepared

Let’s face it! The weather is unpredictable. Even the best meteorologists make mistakes, and a sunny day can quickly turn into rain. Be prepared with a venue that offers outdoor as well as indoor space, and be sure they can accommodate a quick change at the last minute. Remember, even a light rain can lead to muddy shoes!

Be A Good Host

Whether your venue has shade or not, temperatures can feel even hotter when you’re sitting outside for a long period of time. Be a good host and accommodate your guests with personalized fans to create their own tropical breeze and bottled water to refresh them during the ceremony. Consider renting a tent and electric fans if the locale doesn’t provide enough natural shade. Situating the chairs so that the sun is behind your guests and not shining in their face during the ceremony will also help. Be sure to include citronella candles and pre-treat the area with a perimeter insect spray.

Be Heard

Many times, sound in an open venue doesn’t travel well and guests in the rear may not be able to hear. It’s especially difficult when your nuptials compete with other events in the area or the sounds of crashing waves. Avoid this by renting a good sound system with microphones for the minister, soloists, and of course the bride and groom so nobody misses a word.

Be Stylish

Nobody looks good with underarm stains and wind-blown hair. Keep everyone looking their stylish best by choosing attire that will hold up outside. Avoid satin, chiffon and silk, and select a flowing fabric that breathes well, like cotton or linen. Suggest up-dos and mousse or gel (for the guys, too!) to help keep their hair in place. Giving your bridesmaids a personalized cosmetic bag with wedding-day essentials would be a thoughtful gift for the day.

Be Wind Wise

Outdoor weddings can be murder on candelabras and décor. The risk of having your decorations blown over can be minimized by using a sand ceremony unity set instead of a unity candle. It’s a great symbol of unity without the wind hazard. Incorporating lanterns and tea light candles work better than candles with an open flame. You should have no problem with other floral centerpieces and décor as long as they are weighted.

Be Aware

If the reception will also be held outside, be sure the caterer prepares foods that can stand up to the heat. Cover foods in chaffing dishes and place “chilled” items in an ice-filled punch bowl to help keep them cool. Avoid salads that might wilt, foods that must be kept cold and anything with mayonnaise.