5 Things To Consider When Decorating Your Outdoor Wedding

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You need to keep several things in mind while planning an outdoor wedding and thinking of decoration ideas. Decorations include all the elements of the wedding plan, starting from the wedding venue to the wedding flowers. Below are some factors that need to be taken care of while planning an outdoor wedding.


If you are planning an outdoor wedding you have to be extremely cautious about the weather at the venue. You never know when it could rain or snow – weather can play spoilsport and ruin all your wedding decorations. An outdoor wedding needs to be planned in an appropriate season when the weather is pleasant. If that is not possible and you are still keen on having an outdoor wedding, you must take all the precautions to protect the venue from rough weather. For instance, if your wedding date is set during the monsoon and the day is cloudy, you can have the ceremony outdoors, and the reception indoors. Or, you can have both of them outdoors, but make sure that in case of emergency, the party can be moved indoors in a short time. The best option would be to have a waterproof covering over the ceremony and eating area. This way the decoration won’t get affected much by the rain.

Wedding Venue

The decorations for outdoor weddings also depend on the number of guests and the wedding venue’s size. If you plan to have the wedding in a park, you need to ensure the venue is not too small or even too big for your guest list. While hunting options for an outdoor wedding venue, the sky is the limit. The wedding venue can be a park, a hill, or even the beach.

Seating Arrangement

Well, looking for comfortable yet elegant seating arrangements is dicey business in case of an outdoor wedding. You don’t want tablecloths flying off or candles flickering due to wind. You don’t want flower decorations to be ruined or your guests to be drenched in rain or frozen in the snow. (quick pointer – getting married outdoors when you know it’s going to snow is a really bad idea, unless again if you can pull off a Phoebe act.)


If you are having an outdoor wedding, the lighting is also an important issue. You obviously don’t want to get married in the glaring sun, nor do you want to walk the aisle in darkness where you can hardly see each other’s faces. In case there is excessive lighting outdoor you need to balance it out by having temporary shelters, which are not only protective but also decorative. Block out excess light with tents and curtains at the venue. In case you are having a beach wedding, nothing can beat the fancy big beach umbrellas.

Accessories and Extras

First rule of outdoor wedding decorations – keep things simple. Too many flowers, too much flowing fabric might ruin the effect. Pick up elegant and simple furniture that will blend in with the surroundings. For example wooden tables and garden chairs would be perfect for a garden wedding. Use flowers that will last longer. Use decorative items that will not dry out (delicate flowers) or blown away by the wind. Use furniture that is comfortable for the guests, but also easy to transport like cane or wicker.

Decoration ideas for outdoor weddings should be such that they can be easily executed without any major hassles. The moonlight, the bright stars, the soothing breeze or the green surroundings, the beauty of nature is splendid without any additional decorations. Always remember to keep things simple and allow the outdoor beauty to take over the wedding decorations rather than the other way round.