5 Small Ways To Save Big On Your Wedding

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As any couple would expect, their wedding budget has to cover every wedding expense. However, there are some ways you can save on your wedding cost. Here are some suggestions and simple ways to save up money for your wedding.

1. Personalized wedding invitations

Creating your own invitation is easy, simple, and can be fun. If you have a good printer, you just need specialty papers, and you can print your way to big savings. The layout, wordings, and font options are readily available online, so you can print ones that look professionally printed.

2. Personalized wedding favors

You can also create your wedding favors without paying extra charges such as personalizing them, shipping, or other taxes. If you know your way around the kitchen or if you have a certain arts and crafts hobby, you can make these items you make as your wedding favors. As an added bonus, your guests can appreciate them even more because you have given your time and effort to creating something they can take home with them.

3. Choose flowers in season

For example, if you have pink flowers in mind, do not limit yourself to just pink roses or carnations. Especially if these flowers are off-season, they will cost double or triple their regular price. Ask your florist about available flowers that are in the same shade or other flower choices, so you don’t have to pay a premium for special flowers to be brought in.

4. Have options for wine

Have a wine-tasting and choose cheaper wines that taste just as great as well as premium wines. Do not be intimidated by the more popular wines. Most of them have cheaper counterparts, but they taste equally great.

5. Keep your set-up simple

If you can do away with all the draping or the special lights, opt for that setup to cut the costs. Besides, plenty of other things can make your wedding look beautiful. If you think the drapes and the other decorations will show up in only a photo or two, you may want to do away with them. You can cut costs on costly flower centerpieces by using your wedding favors as centerpieces in the meantime. It will also be a good conversational piece when you have them set up on the tables.

You can get big savings by following the tips above, and who knows, you might even get to use the saved money for that much-deserved honeymoon. Brush up on your budgeting so you can save money on your wedding. You don’t need to go and splurge even if this is a very special day for the two of you. Practicality is never out of style, so think out of the box and get fresh ideas on small ways you can save, yet get big savings.