5 Low Budget Wedding Ideas For Your Special Day

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A wedding day is the most special day in everyone’s life. It is a day when two people in love unite in a bond of trust and commitment. Since it’s a day that you’ll never forget and cherish your entire life, it requires lots of time, effort, and thoughtfulness to plan your dream wedding. These days, many couples are opting to support their weddings rather than depending on their parents for the finances. But with the increasing expenses of an average wedding, which somehow costs between $30,000 to $40,000, couples are looking for simple and creative ways to spend their money, and make their wedding enjoyable but not expensive. A wedding dress, wedding flowers, wedding rings, wedding decorations, all these things can actually cost you a fortune if proper wedding budget planning is not done. Therefore, the following are some wedding ideas that will help you plan a low-budget wedding.

How to Plan a Low-Budget Wedding?

The first step is to have a wedding budget plan which should include all the expenses like wedding gown, food, decorations, wedding favors, reception hall, etc. After making this list, you should take an estimate from different vendors about their rates for the services they provide. This will give you an approximate idea of which vendor offers you the cheapest and best services. This will help you choose the one that fits your budget best.

Wedding Invitations:

Formal wedding invitations can be expensive, so you can go for cheaper options like homemade wedding invitations. It’s an excellent way of inviting your guests as it adds a personal touch to it. Though it may require more time and effort, these cards would be unique and surely valued by your loved ones.

Wedding Dresses:

Every bride wants to wear the dress of her dreams, but these dresses are usually very expensive. Hence to cut down on these expenses, you can purchase an inexpensive wedding dress from any consignment or dress shop. Another way is to borrow the dress from your friends or sister or take the dress on rent. Making your own wedding gown can also be a great idea.

Wedding Flowers:

Though wedding flowers play an important role in wedding decorations, they can also be budget breakers. For decorations, try using flowers that are seasonal and inexpensive like carnations or snowball mums. Organizing the wedding somewhere near Christmas or Easter will reduce flower decoration expenses as the church will be pre-decorated. But if you are planning the wedding outdoors, check if any other brides have booked for the same day. If yes, the two of you can coordinate the wedding flower arrangements and can share the expenses. You can also tell your wedding flower budget to the florist so that he can come up with simple, inexpensive, but beautiful flower decoration ideas.

Wedding Catering:

Food is another expensive part of the wedding. You can avoid spending lots of money by keeping heavy appetizers or a sandwich-style buffet. Opting for a cash bar or supplying your own wine can be a good way to reduce expenses. Having a local grocer or a family friend cater your wedding can also help reduce the cost of food.

Wedding Reception:

A wedding reception can actually bust your budget, so be very careful when selecting your reception location. Having the reception at your home or a friend’s or family member’s home can be a good option. Other low-cost options may include the church reception hall, club hall rentals, parks, and local restaurants specializing in low-budget wedding receptions.

These ideas will surely help you plan a cheap or low-budget wedding, but you need to stick to your wedding budget to implement these ideas. By implementing these simple but effective ideas, you will manage to plan not only a low budget wedding but a memorial one as well.