5 Flower Ideas For A Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are the best solution for those who wish to have a simple, small wedding amidst the Earth’s natural beauty. Having a wedding on the beach always etches gloriously beautiful memories not only on the married couple’s hearts and minds, but also on those attending the wedding. The feeling of saying ‘I do’ on a tropical island is something simply out of the world!

Organizing a beach wedding will be different from organizing a wedding in the city. The whole theme is different, which will reflect on all the other arrangements as well. The bride and bridegroom’s attire, the bridesmaids and best men’s attire will be suited for a beach. Moreover, the beach wedding decorations, canopy, seating arrangements, beach wedding flowers, etc. will all be tuned according to the beach theme. The beach wedding flower arrangements should be given special attention, because they will play a major role in enhancing the beauty and elegance of the beach wedding ambiance.

Beach Wedding Flower Ideas

Although the couple to get married can choose any type of flower they like for their beach wedding, it is always best to chose flowers that reflect the natural colors, textures and nautical elements of the sea to create paradise on the beach. The option for beach wedding flowers are tremendous, with flowers coming all kinds of size, shapes and vibrant colors. Let’s have a look at some popular beach wedding flowers.


The most beautiful time to have a beach wedding is between the months October to February. Moreover, what’s even better is that during this time wildflowers are blooming wondrously. Wildflowers will make colorful bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and brighten up the beach with contrasting colors.


For a casual beach wedding setting, one should totally go for Astrantias. The unique shape and design of these flowers add a wondrous touch to the casual theme of the wedding. They come in different colors like pink, red, yellow, green, white and even gold. Thus, if you have a color theme, you could choose the color of your choice.

Bridal Lei

People opting for the Hawaiian wedding themes often forgo the bridal bouquet and choose to get bridal lei to go with the theme. Depending on the color theme, the flowers can be chosen to prepare the bridal lei. This form of flower setup gives the wedding a very casual yet different look. Orchids, fragrant tuberoses, Micronesian ginger, etc. make great bridal leis.

Beach Roses

Roses have been hot favorites at weddings and no matter how many generations pass by, these beautiful flowers will continue to adorn the wedding site with their graceful and romantic appeal. Rose bridal bouquets and canopy decorations will just look fantastic. Since it’s a beach wedding one can have dark green foliage or palm fronds along with the bright roses to get a beach theme look.


If you are not interested in the traditionally used wedding flowers, then you could opt for Muscari. These flowers are available in the spring season and give a glamorous, yet comfortable look to the wedding site. These grape like clustered purple-blue colored flowers definitely add a lot of color and vibrancy to the place. One can even make tiny wreaths and use them to decorate the chairs, the aisle, etc.