5 Fall Color Schemes For Your Wedding

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Pretty pink or bold brown or ravishing red? What is it going to be for your fall wedding? No suggestions? Come on! Pick at least one! Never mind. Let us move on. The point I was trying to make with these colors was about the color schemes for fall weddings. Fall is the perfect time to get married. It is the best time as it is neither hot nor cold. The climate and nature’s glory are just great. It is beautiful and absolutely romantic. If you want to have an intimate wedding reception, there is nothing better than a fall wedding. Further, just like the food, dressing, and other arrangements in a wedding, the decor and the color scheme is a crucial parts of a wedding.

Fall Wedding Color Scheme Options

A host of colors can be on a fall wedding color palette. Take a look at some of the fall wedding colors and schemes.

Color me Orange

Orange is an immaculate match to this time of the year. Play with orange; you can do that, as many colors go well with orange. One of them is burgundy. To make the combination even more beautiful, have burnt orange to go with burgundy. Wedding cards and invitations can be based on the same colors with falling leaves. The effect can be accentuated more if bridesmaids are asked to wear wedding dresses of that color combination.

Berry Blue

Talking of fall wedding color scheme ideas, using rich cranberry color with underplayed hues of blue and green will do the trick. Then a nice fire is what you need to complete the ensemble effect and make things brighter. You can also use black, red and white for a different look and if you want to keep it simple and sweet.

Glitzy Gold

With leaves getting brown and falling all over and the flowers in good glory, gold and ivory are an excellent choice. It is elegant, royal, and totally dazzling. The razzle and dazzle of gold which has the warmth of orange in a muted way, is neutralized by ivory. Have table decorations as well as invitations based on this combination. If possible, gold and ivory wedding dresses will look stunning.

Black & Beautiful

Who said you cannot have black for a fall wedding? You can surely use black in fall wedding color schemes. Pairing black with pink is the best bet if you are looking at having an enchanting mix of classic as well as modern styles. It goes without saying that black has to be used as a base, and pink will add to the effect. Hence black can be used for bridesmaid dresses, table linens, and vases. Ribbons, flowers, napkins, and other decorating items can be in pink or in both black and pink. In pink, too, it will be fun to use different shades for a cute and soft romantic look as far as wedding decorations are concerned.

It is Sparkling

This can be a unique wedding color combination, provided you like purple in fall wedding color schemes. Let your wedding be a ‘shade’ different from other with this lovely mixture of deep plum and champagne. Wow! I can imagine how beautiful it would look. The striking contrast is enough to get everyone marvel at the color. It will suit just fine to the decor and tale decorations. For an extra glamorous touch, have silver accessories sprinkled.

Apart from these, you would find more fall wedding color trends on the Internet or with a wedding planner. The best thing about the fall wedding color schemes is that the colors are all inspired from nature.

Even so, while choosing a scheme, a good idea would be to pick shades from the same color family. Of course, it also goes without saying that all the other things – clothes, decorations, tableware, and the rest- must be in tune with the chosen color scheme.