5 Essential Things To Think About When Planning Your Spring Wedding

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It is common to understand that springtime is the time of renewal and rebirth. It is the time when winter fades away taking with it all the dried and dead leaves and greenery sprouting up on every branch with flowers and fresh leaves. The emotion of rejuvenation takes root with love in the air and preparations for new beginnings. Spring is that time when you leave all your bad things behind and start life fresh and anew, and the best beginnings you can have are marriages. This is the reason why many people decide to have spring weddings. It is the best season for weddings as there are many flowers to choose from, and discounts for shopping and travel. Read on for some more great spring wedding ideas if you’re planning for a spring wedding.

Ideas for Spring Weddings

Right from the invitations, to the menu, to the clothing and many other responsibilities, there’s a lot of work to be done while organizing a wedding. Once you’ve decided the date on which you want to get married, all you need to do is make the arrangements for the wedding day. If you’re confused about the designs of the invitations, the menu, or even the place for the ceremony, take a quick look at some simple spring wedding ideas that might help you.

Spring Wedding Ideas and Colors

You need to decide a wedding color scheme before starting any arrangements and shopping. Since you’re getting married in spring, known as the season of flowers, you will have a number of colors to choose from. Red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink, and white are all the options you can choose from. There are abundant flowers of these colors in this season, and I am sure you won’t fall short of them. You can combine any of these colors to make your color scheme and theme for your wedding.

Spring Wedding Invitations

Once you’ve decided the date and time of the wedding ceremony, and booked the venue, choose those wedding invitations and get them printed as soon as possible. You’ve already selected your color theme, so get your invitations in the same color. Have all your information and phrases written in elegant Victorian text as it gives the invitations a formal and beautiful look. Don’t add extra information as that will spoil the simplicity of the wordings. Decorate the spring wedding invitations with ribbons or bows to make them attractive and artistic.

Outdoor Spring Wedding Ideas

Preferably try to have an outdoor wedding since this is the best time of nature’s beauty. You can opt for gardens, lawns, lake-sides, mountain feet or even beach weddings. Outdoor locations give enough space for our guests to move around and a larger space for the dance floor as well as the food tables. An early evening wedding which fades into dinner and dance by the night is the best you could settle for. Afternoons are not a great choice for outdoors as it may get hot and uncomfortable for your guests.

Spring Wedding Dresses and Flowers

Whatever your color scheme for the wedding is, make sure the wedding dresses for the wedding are well-coordinated and styled. The Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaid dresses should be different as they look good when there is variety. Keep them simple, but because of the color, they should look attractive. Bring the best wedding gown you can get and go for satin ones with big trials. The best wedding flowers can be calla lilies, tiger lilies, roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, etc. You can have them co-ordinated too for the bouquets, wedding centerpieces and the other decorations. Since it is spring, these flowers come cheap and you get discounts for seasons too. These can be some cheap spring wedding ideas for you if you’re on a budget!

Spring Wedding Menu

Another thing you have to ensure for these spring wedding ideas is the menu for the guests. You can have chicken for the appetizers and fish for the main course. Salmon is the most preferred for weddings, but you can also opt for many other choices. Shrimp and lobsters can also be considered though they get quite messy while eating. Soups and chocolate cake for desert is also a must for the meal. Fruits like strawberries, oranges, apricots, etc can be accompanied with the salads served. Well, the drinks at every wedding have include wine and champagne, but you could have cocktails for the light drinkers as well. To end the evening you can have wedding favors or thank you cards for your guests but that is completely your choice.

With these spring wedding ideas, I am sure you’re convinced that you want to get married outdoors by the foothills with a lake next to your wedding arch. It has to be the best day of your lives so make sure you take those vows in a beautiful and romantic location.