4 Winter Wedding Theme Ideas You Should Consider

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You’re dressed in dark green velvet. You’re carrying blood roses in your hands. You walk down an aisle frothy with tulle and dotted with holly. You meet the eyes of your husband-to-be. He’s smiling. Soon, you’ll be dancing in front of a cozy fire. If you’re lucky, there is snow falling softly outside the window.

Winter weddings lend themselves well to romantic and colorful themes. When we think of winter, we think of snow and holly, fireplaces and colored lights, reds paired with greens or classic white and black. Winter is a time of families gathering close together to ward off the cold. It is a time of rebirth, promise, and of planning for the future. Winter weddings can be truly special, and what better way to capitalize on their romance than by designing a wedding around a winter theme?

Winter Wonderland:

Deck the halls with holly, tulle, and poinsettias. Line the aisles with snow-like tulle. Cover the tables with velvet, and let your winter light shine with lanterns and candles on every surface and fairy lights on the ceiling. Dance to crooning Christmas carols by Bing Crosby and Judy Garland. Enjoy the romance and keep each other warm.

Ski Retreat:

Marry in style in a little chapel and rush to the warmth and coziness of a ski-lodge reception. If yours is a small wedding, you could hold it in an actual ski lodge or a cabin complete with glowing hearth fires. Serve drinking chocolate and hot toddies and show off your moves on the dance floor, styled in sleek and fur-covered snow bunny fashion.

White And Red:

Mirror the season with dress, invitations, and tablecloths the color of fallen snow. Hang swags of tulle from the pews at the church and from pillars and walls at the reception. Carry a stunning bouquet of blooming red roses as you walk down the aisle to your groom who is dressed in a dashing white tuxedo. Decorate the reception hall with a profusion of white lilies and let a few red roses and poinsettias add drama. Using any two colors in this way creates a dramatic effect that will showcase the beauty of the bride and of the event.


A popular winter honeymoon getaway, the beach can also make a good wedding theme. Guests and bridal couples alike are probably tired of the cold weather and could use a little sun and color. Throw a beach-themed wedding with deep turquoise and coral colors. Party at the reception to the music of the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. Drink Pina Coladas, fuzzy navels, and margaritas alongside shish kebabs, Mahi Mahi or even hot dogs and hamburgers. Give the guests beach-themed favors with bottles of sand or shells engraved with your names and the wedding date.

You can throw a themed wedding with the creative use of color, emulating the decorations and themes from a favorite movie, or create your own brand of paradise in your reception hall. Themes are not necessary, but bring continuity and a sense of play to your wedding and make it something truly unique you and your guests will remember for years to come. Bring the warmth inside this winter with a winter-themed wedding.