4 Wedding Dress Styles For Your Winter Wedding

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Anybody who has watched Phoebe Buffay (character in hit sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S) walk down the aisle on her wedding day, in the freezing snow, will know exactly how elegant she looked in her wedding dress. She opted for one of the many winter wedding dresses with sleeves, (short though they were) and still managed to look a stunning beauty. Gone are the days when only strapless and sleeveless wedding gowns were in. Practically, it is impossible to wear a corset wedding dress to a winter wedding. It is every bride’s birthright to look gorgeous on her wedding day, and that will definitely not be possible if she’s trembling in the cold all day long. Enter, some great modest wedding dresses with sleeves, which serve both purposes. Keeps her warm, and also makes her look beautiful! Let us check out some of these in the article below.

Hippie Style

If you’ve chosen a hippie wedding as your wedding theme, then you absolutely must try out some fancy hippie wedding dresses with sleeves. They look great! With the strong influence of the carefree hippie era, you can look like the perfect hippie bride, walking down the aisle in one of these winter wedding dresses with sleeves.

Color Splash

Many young brides are doing away with the traditional white, and opting for some modern wedding dresses, which have a dash of color in it. For a winter wedding, you can choose a wedding dress with color, which has mid length sleeves. Choose a fabric that is a little heavy, and will keep you warm, with a lining inside. As far as colors are concerned, go in for deep shades of maroon, green and the like.

Modest Bride

The best part about long sleeve wedding dresses, is that they go perfectly well, if you’ve decided on a modest wedding ceremony. Scrounge around in different boutiques for medieval wedding dresses, for that antique look. Another thing is, they keep you warm and comfortable, and when teamed with the perfect set of diamond jewelry, will make you look like someone out of a classic movie!

Fairy Princess

If a puffy dress is what you want for your wedding, then select a wedding gown with sleeves, for your winter wedding. You can have short puffy sleeves, in a net fabric, if you like, and team it up with a pair of stunning white net gloves. Wear a small veil, also made of net, to complete the look. Appropriate wedding shoes will enhance the look further.

Plus Size

For all those women who are slightly on the heavy side, you do not need to worry. You have many options for plus size wedding dresses with sleeves too! Go for one which best complements your body shape. Opt for a long sleeve dress, against a short sleeve one. It gives a slimming effect to the arms, and looks great too. Another tip would be, to NOT go in for a dress with a high neckline nor a plunging one. Keep it simple, and choose a regular neckline that will suit your frame.

A woman never looks more pretty than she does on her wedding day. And just because it is a winter wedding, does not mean her options get limited. I guess you discovered that for yourself with the many ideas for winter wedding dresses with sleeves mentioned above. So, try out stores in your city, and if you think they are expensive wedding dresses, then a great idea would be to try online shopping for wedding dresses. You never know, you may get a great deal on that perfect dress, that’s been waiting only for you! Good luck!