4 Ways To Have an Elegant Wedding Without the Heavy Price Tag

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If you want to have an elegant wedding, your dream wedding may also come with a dreamy price tag. If you have seen footage and photos of celebrity weddings, you would know in a heartbeat that having a similar wedding will indeed burn a hole in your pocket. Some costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can always match these amounts not with money, but with a little creativity, ingenuity, and knowing what to get from who.

There are some things you can do to have a classy wedding without breaking the bank and using up your honeymoon budget:

1. Reserve Early

Since you will purchase or use a service anyway, you can pay in advance and enjoy discounts or lower rates. If you reserve or pay for a service or product that is very close to your wedding day, they will charge you a higher rate (because of rush service as well), and you will have no choice but to accept their increased rates.

2. Have Options For Suppliers

Get at least 3 to 4 options when it comes to suppliers for some of your items such as flowers, gowns, or caterers. At times, some suppliers have the same product but have different rates. Check out suppliers that have freebies and those that can waive certain charges. Do not automatically think of designer gowns or popular reception venues; rather, take a look at other suppliers or venues because they can also give superior products and services without the unbelievable price and markup.

3. Choose Local Suppliers

To save on cost, have time to scout local suppliers as they are the ones who can give you the most competitive price. They are also the ones who can meet your deadline and can be more flexible on other arrangements as well. You can also save on delivery costs if you can pick up the items yourself.

4. Choose Off-Peak Season:

If you do not a specific date in mind, choose to have your wedding during the off-peak months. This way, you need not deal with peak rates from suppliers and not compete with other couples regarding your wedding venue. They can also be a little demanding when it comes to the upfront payment or deposit. You may need to pay them immediately so you can secure your reservation. Other suppliers such as caterers and for the gowns may have too many orders on their hands as well during peak months, so you need probably need to pay up a little higher as well.

Even if you don’t spend that much, do not think that your wedding will look cheap. With a little bit of preparation and proper scheduling (a schedule that would allow early reservation and ample time for sourcing many suppliers), you can have that dream wedding you have always wanted.