4 Tips For A Wedding On A Budget

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With a lot of planning and organizing, we have put together a list of things you can do to make your wedding as affordable as possible.

The ideas for your wedding begin from the moment you get engaged. Well, at least that’s the truth for us women. Looking around here and there for decorations, themes, wedding gown patterns and other elements which make up for a complete wedding is very essential. You can actually save a lot of time and money, as you browse through different places. We start saving up for the wedding we have always thought about, but sometimes, things don’t really add up the way they should. Sometimes our finances don’t match up to the “dream” wedding we plan. But that shouldn’t put you in a disappointed mood. With simple cutbacks and budgeting, you can have more than a perfect wedding if you want. First things first, always categorize the items for the wedding in three sections like “must haves”, “optional”, and “nice to have”. Once you have your priorities down, the rest of the wedding budget planning will be smooth sailing.

Ideas for Budget Weddings

No girl actually dreams of a “cheap” wedding, however, smart brides do love to spend their money wisely on things that really matter the most to the couple. And since you’ve dreamed about having a fabulous wedding forever, why shouldn’t you also try and save a little money? There’s nothing to worry about, as we have everything you require for an unforgettable wedding.


While discussing and deciding on wedding locations, you must answer one important question: will the wedding and reception be at the same venue or different places? And since we are looking for ideas for your wedding on a budget, organizing both events at the same venue will be a lot cheaper.

Here are some suggestions for unique, affordable, and stylish locations as an alternative to the usual banquet halls:

  • Look for small chapels in and around your area with a social hall (to keep your reception at).
  • State and national parks can be an enchanting locations for a wedding; all you have to do is decorate it a little bit.
  • Be on the lookout for historical buildings and museums in your town.
  • Call any local botanical club for a perfect outdoor garden wedding.
  • If you live near water, consider the wedding venue to be a beach or lakeside.
  • Check for special offers with local clubs and/or organizations.
  • You can also consider an old-time barn, farm, or ranch to get a country feel for your wedding.
  • And if you’re more of a unique, adventurous couple, why not choose an amusement park?

As you narrow down your choices for the wedding, even if it is a theme wedding, always keep the color scheme, weather forecast, transportation, and the couple’s personalities in mind. All these elements will definitely ease the decision.


Never mind the color schemes, the flower decorations, or any other wedding decorations working with the theme. The wedding theme can easily be included in the engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, and reception as well. All you have to do is plan as you go along and come up with theme ideas for a wedding on a budget. Here are some wedding themes you can debate on.

Beach or Seaside:

I know that a beach wedding is a used concept, but you can go a long way with the theme. Ask your guests to dress in white linen, gauge, aqua blues or sea greens. You can decorate with seashells and beautiful flowers. Have a natural and light wedding celebration.


An informal picnic sort of arrangement in the garden will bring a fresh and summery feel to your wedding. It’s a great money saver theme.

White Winter:

Yes, all white! Decorate with white wedding flowers, silver bows, rhinestone jewelry, floating candles, and inexpensive tiny white lights. You can serve hot chocolate, specialty coffee, and hot cider at the wedding.

Salute your heritage:

Are you Indian, Irish, or Brazilian? Incorporate your heritage as the main essence of the wedding. You can ask your family members to help you make it as authentic as possible.

The wedding theme choices can go on and on. Remember, you need to find inspiration from your surroundings and bring it all together. Add or take out as many details as you like and see if it can fit your budget.


Souvenirs and keepsakes can also make a small yet important entry while planning a wedding on a small budget. All newlyweds love to hold onto their wedding keepsakes/souvenirs forever. You, too, can cherish this day and the memories for years to come. Many wedding souvenirs can be saved in a scrapbook, album or picture frames, such as postcards, matchbook covers, restaurant menus, and photos.

Here are some great examples to get you started saving wedding souvenirs as early as possible:

  • Magazine clippings you use as references and research.
  • Print both the bride and groom’s vows, laminate them, and either frame them or keep them in a scrapbook.
  • Remember to save 2 wedding invitations for yourself. One, you can frame, and the other, you can keep in the scrapbook.
  • Ask your maid-of-honor to save flower petals and/or buds from the wedding. You can press them for later.
  • Save all the paper items used at your wedding, reception, and honeymoon – napkins, menus, brochures, and hotel information.
  • Take as many pictures as you can with disposable cameras for candid memories. This is another great way to stay on budget.

Enjoying your wedding is also an important aspect of getting married. So try to ask for help from friends and family with the wedding preparations, so that you too can have some relaxing time.

Transportation Ideas

Certain things can’t be overlooked, and one of them is your wedding transportation requirements. Besides the classic stretch limousine, other means of transport can fit your overall budget. This is why consider these modes of transportation ideas for wedding on a budget.

  • Try something cheaper than limousines – town cars.
  • Visit an old limousine or antique cars store for vintage cars.
  • You can also rent 60s or 70s retro cars, Lincolns or Cadillac within your wedding budget.
  • Hire a party bus for large groups and fit your in-town and out of town guests perfectly.
  • The perfect bargain, decorate your or a friend’s car for your transportation needs.
  • Check local listings for horse carriages and buggies for a romantic alternative.

If you’re going to hire any vehicle, make sure to visit more than one place for rates. Always check the condition of the car before you select it. See if you can get a wedding discount. Go over the cancellation policy and check for references on potential transportation companies. To save money and avoid headaches, ask your friends and family to finalize the details of the wedding transportation.

As you make all the arrangements, prepare a wedding checklist and timeline. Go over the ideas for wedding on a budget and don’t forget to keep yourself present in the entire wedding. The couple’s individuality and your creativity is what will show in the end. Just be on the lookout for any inspiration and let the chips fall in place. Think fun, be imaginative and take the worries out of your perfect wedding.