4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Perfect Outdoor Wedding Reception

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Outdoor wedding receptions are wonderful because they increase the scope of creativity. With careful planning and elegant decorations, the outdoors can be transformed into a gorgeous haven for the couple and guests. Planning outdoor wedding receptions can be quite daunting, especially when one wants it to be the perfect wedding reception. There are scores of details to be taken care of in a limited span of time. However, at such nerve racking times, all one needs to do is take one step at a time. As one detail after another is taken care of, the entire planning will not seem so overwhelming.

Planning Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Here are the factors that you need to consider while planning outdoor wedding receptions.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Site

The first point to be considered while planning an outdoor wedding reception would be to zero in on a particular reception site. You can either choose a garden, park, the area beside a lake, in the heart of a mountainous terrain, on a beach, in the forest or even in your own backyard. It all depends on how creative you are and how much money you can afford to shell out for the wedding reception. The wedding guest list will also play a crucial role in determining the reception site. If scores of guests are being invited, the reception site should be equipped with all necessary facilities to handle large crowds. If the number is limited, one’s backyard would also do.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Theme

Scores of couples go in for theme weddings. Theme weddings simply add a beautiful feeling to the whole evening. There are various wedding reception themes that one can choose from, right from having a color theme, flower theme, castle wedding theme, wine theme, coffee wedding theme, dove wedding theme, etc. Depending on one’s taste and likes, one can zero in on one particular theme. The decorations, invitation cards, favors, etc. will all depend on the theme selected for the reception.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decorations

The wedding reception decorations can be simple, sober or grand depending on your taste and budget. While some may prefer simple decorations, some take weddings as a means to display their wealth and grandeur. To add a magnificent look to the wedding, one does not necessarily need a lot of money. Using one’s creative side one can get great things done with less expenditure. Depending on the theme chosen, the color and style of decorations will vary. Besides decorating the reception site with flowers, one can even prepare lovely photo frames with pictures of the bride and groom and put it up on the tables at the reception. You could have lovely candles lit on the tables or even attractive wedding centerpieces.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Buffet

The next important aspect of the wedding reception is the food! The food may leave a good or bad taste in the mouth of the guests, so it is important to choose a good catering agency to supply the food. As far as the menu is concerned, try and have a varied variety. This again will depend on your budget. The decoration at the salad counter can be in line with the wedding theme. Something that’s quite popular these days are the wedding candy buffet ideas. These buffets not only add fun and color to the reception, but also bring a smile on the guest’s faces, irrespective of the age.