4 Summer Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Summer Wedding

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Your summer wedding is around the corner and you are still wondering how to get the ideal theme? Use these ideas to generate a wedding that people will remember.

Select the Right Venue

Do you live in the South or the North? The higher temperatures in the southern states can actually act as a damper, so an air conditioned venue is a must, unless of course you are planning something by the water, like a beach summer wedding. If you are living in cooler climes, then plans for an outdoor day wedding would be more practical.

Go Green

Environment friendly is in, so do your bit by chipping in for the future and earn the praise of your guests. A midnight summer wedding is a great way to do away with the requirement of air conditioning. You can enjoy the evening breeze while you exchange vows under the moonlight. You could even do away with electric lighting altogether if you plan your nuptials on a full moon night which will add to the overall romantic feeling. Of course, it would be practical to add a candle on each dining table so the guests are not inconvenienced.

Dress For the Summer

Go for a dress that is light and elegant. After all, you wouldn’t like to be a bride who is sweating away on her bridal day! Light fabrics like chiffons, crepe, organza, cotton etc would do well. Go for a sleeveless gown, and one with minimal skirts. This would keep you cool and composed throughout your summer wedding celebration events.

Brighten Up The Proceedings With Summer Wedding Flowers

Use bright and colorful summer wedding flowers to accentuate the overall theme. Summer brings its own set of exotic blossoms that add a dash of color to the entire proceedings without adding greatly to the cost. After all, summer wedding flowers are much cheaper than their winter cousins thanks to the abundance in which they grow.

Use these innovative ideas with specially ordered summer flowers to have a summer wedding that people will complement you on for times to come.