4 Summer Color Trends For Your Outdoor Wedding

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It is summer, the wedding season, and that means that women all over the country are laying out dresses of a myriad of different colors for their bridesmaids to don on their big day. So, how do you know what colors are best to theme your wedding around if you are going to be in the same situation next summer? Well, perhaps the best way to go about choosing your color is to let the season be your guide.

Consider nature this time of year and take a cue from it. What colors naturally appear together, and as a result, would look beautiful side by side on your wedding day? Choosing one color is usually not too hard a task, but if you want to bring in splashes of more than one, then consider these color combos that are inspired by summer.

Aqua and Beige

Summer, for many, means time on the beach and beaches are filled with this color combo as the cool waters rush up to meet the sand. For dresses, you might opt to have your maid of honor in a tan or beige dress, while the others don sea-colored gowns. In sticking with the beach-y theme, you might desire to choose beach-related jewelry to accent the dresses, such as shells or driftwood jewelry. You have a couple of options for flowers not typically found in aqua and beige. You might opt to follow nature’s cue once more and choose flowers found on the banks near the beach, or you can intertwine beige and aqua ribbons through bouquets of your choice- perhaps a warm, natural pink.

Sky Blue and Sage

Where the sky meets the tree tops, a wonderful color combination takes place that brings cool colors to a warm meeting ground. Sage dresses with an accent of sky blue can make for a gorgeous look for your bridesmaids for your summer wedding. The men might alternate blue and sage green ties and cummerbunds to share in the color theme. Bouquets can feature the green leaves and the colors of the buds found locally.

Yellow and Orange

This may not be a typical color combination for weddings, but it appears naturally frequently. Many flowers can be found in the two-toned variety, sporting bright yellows and oranges. You can achieve the same look on your wedding day by mimicking these gorgeous flowers. Dress the girls in yellow, while the men sport one of the flowers on their lapels. The maid of honor and best man might be selected to feature the orange hue.


Most girls opt to feature a single color or two at the most, but when marrying in the summer, when gardens are featuring blooms, you might not have to limit yourself. For instance, if you have five attendants on each side, perhaps each pair could rock a color chosen from local gardens. One girl would wear a long red gown, while her match on the men’s side sports a red tie and red flower corsage. Similarly, other pairs could be dressed in purple, pink, yellow, and orange. The flowers chosen as the corsages could be repeated in the bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaids to bring the theme together.