4 Great Tips For Wondrously Cheap Weddings on a Small Budget

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You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding for it to be enjoyable and memorable. Truth be told, even cheap weddings on a small budget can come jam-packed with great memories and awesome fun – you have to know where to save and what sacrifices NOT to make.

4 Great Tips for Cheap Weddings on a Small Budget

Smaller Invite List

Inviting loads of people to your wedding is a fine idea, but let’s try not to overdo it. Keep to a shorter list of family, friends, and loved ones, and not everyone you’ve ever had a conversation with. A larger crowd will not make the day any more memorable; remember that!

Not as Many Cut Flowers

If you NEED cut flowers to be at your wedding, that’s fine; just don’t use them everywhere, as they can be quite expensive. For “less watched” areas, use flowering potted plants tied with theme-colored ribbons.

Cheaper Dress

Wedding dresses routinely go for $2000 or more, which is a hefty price tag, especially so for cheap weddings on a small budget. Instead of buying such a new & pricey dress, think about buying a used wedding dress, renting a wedding dress, or even asking your mother/aunt/grandmother to wear her gown for your life-changing day. When you find an inexpensive wedding dress, you could always pay a little extra to have a seamstress make some changes.

Rent a Fake Cake

Wedding cakes are super expensive, so renting one is best rather than buying one outright. A cake will look 100% real (made with real icing), and it will have a secret compartment for the actual cake to be used during the cutting. Once the “cut show” is over, it’ll be taken into the back, and sheet cake will then be served to the guests. This will cost about $400-$500 total rather than $3000 to $4000 for a real wedding cake.

And there you are, 5 ways to create a cheap wedding on a small budget. If these wedding budget tips don’t help you, I’m sure that the plethora of other money-saving tips will.