4 Cheap Fall Wedding Centerpieces That Are Easy To Make

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So your wedding is in the fall season; lucky you! You don’t have to wreck your brain to come up with decoration or food ideas, as the fall season itself provides so many ready-made ideas! All you have to do is look closely at nature to decide how to include it in your wedding. Foliage, fresh fruits, beautiful vegetables, etc., are available in plenty in the fall season. So you do not have to spend much money on expensive centerpieces. After all, centerpieces are just one part of the wedding; one must also keep the other decorations in mind. The following are some of the best fall wedding centerpieces on a budget. All these cheap wedding centerpieces can be made even at home. I am sure you must wonder what these cheap fall wedding centerpieces are, so without delaying further, let’s take a look at them.

Cheap Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


Foliage is like the identity of fall, so if you want a perfect fall wedding centerpiece, include it in your centerpiece. There are different ways of using leaves as a centerpiece. For example, you can fill a tall vase with foliage; make sure that the vase is overflowing with leaves. You can also make wreaths with foliage leaves and decorate them with glitter to make them look more attractive; you can also make a fruit basket and spread the dried leaves around them. Another popular idea is to surround a floating candle with loads of foliage. Finally, filling a tall and broad vase with dried leaves and placing twigs or delicate branches around it makes a pretty centerpiece.


 Fall wedding centerpieces with pumpkins are very popular. You can add your creativity to these cheap fall wedding centerpieces. For example, you can carve different wedding inscriptions on the pumpkin or put tall lamps inside them. Pumpkin vases and pumpkin baskets are also popular. The best part of this centerpiece is that it is very cheap and is available in plenty in the fall season! If your wedding theme is Halloween, jack-o-lanterns are a great centerpiece idea! You can combine fall flowers and a pumpkin to create an interesting centerpiece. All you have to do is cut the upper half of the pumpkin and fill it with flowers; you can even pierce small holes in the pumpkin, insert thin vines in them and interconnect them at the top.

Fruit Centerpieces:

This is one of the best fall wedding centerpiece ideas. Fruit centerpieces are always popular because they look beautiful and yummy! As this will be a fall wedding centerpiece, make use of fall fruits, like green apples. The most simple and cheap fall wedding centerpiece idea is to fill small baskets with green apples and place them on every table. You can also fill tall vases with berries and nuts, surround them with pansies and place them in the center. Flower bouquets are also popular. If you are a bit creative, you can make different shapes out of the fruits, like wedding rings or the best replicas of the bride and the groom, and place them as a centerpiece on the guest registration table.

Wrapping Centerpiece:

This is one of the most creative and inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas. To make this beautiful centerpiece, take a couple of ivory or red candles (any fall color candles), put a drop of glue on the bottom, and wrap a hay-colored or green-colored raffia around it. Secure it at the top; stick some fall leaves to it when it dries completely. Remember, the leaves should face outwards. You can also stick berries and other small fall fruits. Your inexpensive fall wedding centerpiece is ready!

These were some of the best ideas for cheap fall wedding centerpieces. As you must have observed, all the above centerpieces are unique but will easily fit into your budget. So you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to make your wedding grand and beautiful! And do add your creativity to these unique wedding centerpieces; I am sure you already must have come up with many ideas!