3 Themes For Your Winter Wedding

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Winter wedding themes can turn a cold, winter wedding into a red hot wedding event. Even though winter isn’t the most popular season to get married in, there are a few really great themes that you can use.

There are really two parts to winter, and each offers a unique opportunity for your wedding. The first part is before and leading up to New Years day, and the second is after January 1st through the end of March.

Here are three ideas to work with for winter wedding themes:

The Holidays

The time around winter holidays can be a magical time to get married, especially if you live in a location where it snows.

A Christmas wedding can be a lot of fun, and it offers great options for themes. Many reception spaces will decorate for the holiday season which helps to add to the ambiance and can also help to cut down on decorations for your wedding.

New Years Eve offers another great opportunity. Get married in the evening, and bring in the new year with all of your wedding guests.

February brings Valentine’s Day which is a very romantic holiday. The options are endless for a Valentine’s Day wedding, just be sure to book your ceremony and reception locations well in advance.

Winter Colors

Many people think winter is a drab time of year, but there are a few great color combinations that can liven up your winter wedding.

Silver and dark blue sets an elegant, classy tone for your wedding. Black and white is another classy combination that works well in winter.

Red is another popular color for winter weddings. It can be used around Christmas as well as in February around Valentine’s Day, and it works great with white and black accents.

Symbols of Winter

There are several symbols of winter that work great for a theme. Nothing says winter more than snowflakes, and they make the great starting point for your theme.

Winter flowers like holly and of course roses work well. Ask your reception location how they typically decorate for the holidays and what flowers they use.

A little more creative is a blue ice theme. Your centerpieces, table lines and even the bars at your reception can be transformed into a theme of blue ice.