3 Most Important Things To Consider When Having An Outdoor Wedding Reception

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It is the dream of every couple to make their wedding day a special one. After they have taken their wedding vows, it is time to celebrate their unity with their family and friends. One of the great options that people have to make their wedding day a memorable one is to plan their reception outdoors. Having an outdoor wedding reception under the wide open sky is an innovative and wonderful idea.

Though an outdoor wedding reception is a great idea, to make it successful, loads of planning needs to be done. The most important thing is to select a suitable outdoor location. An outdoor wedding reception can be held at parks, lakes, beaches, country clubs, or even in your backyard! The options are innumerable but you have to choose the one that fits in your budget. Another very important thing that you have to consider is the climate. You have to make preparations as per the season in which you are planning to have the wedding. Even if you have planned your wedding on a sunny and clear day, you have to have a backup plan, so that an unexpected change in climate does not spoil your celebration.

How To Prep For Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Once you have decided on the date and venue of your wedding reception, the next thing to do is to arrange for the necessary permit. The rest of the arrangements would depend on your budget for the occasion. It can be a simple affair with only close friends and family or a huge luncheon or dinner party. You can make your wedding reception a formal or an informal party or can also organize the whole affair according to a theme.


Decorations for an outdoor wedding reception can be kept minimal as the beauty of nature automatically adorns the party. However, you can still decorate the place with some lovely flowers that go with the theme of the wedding. If you are having an evening reception, you can also decorate the place with beautiful lights. One has to make seating arrangements for the guests. You can rent tables and chairs and get them covered with either white or colorful cloth, that matches the wedding theme. If the climate is likely to be windy, especially on a beach, take care to pin up the cloths so that they do no fly away. On every table, arrange beautiful centerpieces, like, a candle holder or a flower vase to add beauty to it. It would also be good idea to hire a tent to shift the party, if the weather goes awry.


Food is an integral part of every party and an outdoor wedding reception is no exception. If you are having a simple reception at your backyard, with only a few people, you can prepare the food on your own with some help from family members and friends. You can also opt for a barbecue party. However, as this can be a big hassle and can create tensions on the wedding day, the best way is to hire professional catering services, which would take care of everything from preparing to serving the food and drinks.


In planning the reception, do not forget about the photographer. Photographs are necessary to capture the special moments of your wedding day, which will remain with you forever. You can either hire a professional photographer or if you have a camera, you can ask one of your friends to take on the role of the photographer.

While inviting your guests, inform them that the wedding reception is going to be held outdoors, so that they can dress accordingly. You may also have to arrange transportation services for your guests if there is a distance between your venue and the parking area.

These are some ideas for organizing an outdoor wedding reception. You can add your own creativity and make your outdoor wedding reception an unforgettable one by celebrating it with nature.