3 Great Location Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor wedding ideas are essential for throwing a successful wedding outside. A lot of time and hard work goes to planning a wedding, and an outdoor wedding can pose additional challenges.

There are things to consider like whether to have the ceremony in a church or not, if the weather will cooperate and how to coordinate everything associated with having a wedding outdoors.

Spring and fall are great times for an outside wedding as the weather is usually not too hot or cold in most regions. In fall you also get to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop that the season brings.

There will be many loose ends to tie up that you wouldn’t have with an indoor wedding. For example, if you are having your ceremony outside the transition to the reception will have to be coordinated.

A tent will also most likely be required, and caterers often have specific needs for working outside. For reasons like these, brides often turn to wedding planners services for help coordinating the day.

The money you spend on hiring a wedding planner will pay off quickly during the days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself.

One of the most important parts of an outdoor wedding is the location. Here are three ideas for a location.


Have a big backyard or know of someone who does? A backyard wedding can be a lot of fun, and it could also potentially save you some money by not having to pay a site fee.

However, there are a few requirements when thinking about a backyard wedding.

First, the backyard has to be big enough to hold all your guests. Second, there is the chance that the backyard could incur some damage, and third, you have to ensure enough room for all of your guests to park.

The Beach

Getting married with you toes in the sand has become a very popular option. This might be the perfect option for you if you live near a beach.

Destination weddings have become very popular, so even if you don’t live near a beach you can always fly to the Caribbean or Hawaii with your close friends and family to get married.

Try looking for resorts that offer beach weddings. They will have packages that include your ceremony in the sand which will help to avoid the extra work of obtaining a permit.

Public Parks

Many great public parks can provide the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. Look online for parks in your area that might be good locations for your wedding.

The fees are usually relatively inexpensive. Just make sure you file for all necessary permits and find out what rules you need to follow for your wedding. Some parks have strict rules especially if they are historic sites.

Gardens, arboretums, farms and national historic sites are all outdoor wedding ideas that you can research in your area.