10 Important Duties As A Maid Of Honor

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1. The maid of honor should generally be a supporting friend before and during the wedding

2. It is expected that she takes action and is a leader for the other bridesmaids – she should know all the preparation timetables and give out info on dress fitting appointments and important ceremony duties to each of the bridesmaids.

3. She is in charge of arranging the bachelorette party. She doesn’t need to do all the preparations herself as long as she is a good organizer and knows how to delegate. Make a list of who to invite, but don’t make it too long!

4. It is common for the maid of honor to prepare and organize a bridal shower.

5. The maid of honor often helps out with wedding details, like sending out wedding invitations and double-checking guest replies/late confirmations.

6. She normally pays for her dress unless the bride requires or expects her to wear a special one.

7. The bride needs extra care and attention on the wedding day. She might be nervous and need a strong, calm friend by her side.

8. A common task for the maid of honor is to keep track of the dress and accessories.

9. The maid of honor normally holds the wedding bouquet during the ceremony.

10. In some countries, it is tradition for the maid of honor to have the wedding rings and give them to the groom during the wedding ceremony common in the US but not that common in Europe.