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3 Steps to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Looking for ways to personalize your wedding ceremony? Consider incorporating your own carefully chosen words into this momentous occasion and build the foundation for a life-long relationship. Writing your own vows is an ambitious undertaking. Not only must you determine the perfect words to say, […]

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5 Tips To Write Your Own Personal Wedding Vows

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Are you ready to write your wedding vows? There are several things to consider before you write the language that ties you together for eternity. If you want to write the most magical message of love, there are a few […]

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How To Write Wedding Vows That Sound Natural

It takes time and patience to write wedding vows. The best vows are those that reflect the writer’s sincerity and have a freshness of thought. The worst are those that use sample copies. They are invariably dull, trite, and clichéd. Your wedding vows should represent […]

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Your Guide to Writing Original Wedding Vows

Original wedding vows are words you put together to make your feelings known to your spouse. Wedding vows are statements of love that you are willing to spend your life together, and these words are your own to express how you feel about spending the […]

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